About Roton Capital

Roton Capital is a company specializing in equity investment and management, registered in Wujiang District, Suzhou, and with the headquarter located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. We have offices in Beijing, Suzhou and HK. We are the venture capital demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Our team is primarily composed of highly experienced investment bankers, and former directors of investment firms. Our talent experts can accurately judge the development trend of the industry, the feasibility of securitization of target companies, and discover the investment value of enterprises; We can also provide additional services such as IPO, M&A and restructuring consulting, management consulting, capital operation planning, and cross-border business consulting for target companies. At the same time, our team’s background and the resources of listed companies behind us enable Roton Capital to have a richer source of investment projects and a more stable and reliable exit channel.

With the core concept of "integrity, professionalism, cooperation and innovation", the mission of "improving the efficiency of resource allocation" and the goal of "assisting the success of the invested enterprises", Roton Capital mainly invests in the fields of medical health, clean energy and advanced manufacturing, and strives to become an outstanding private equity management institution.

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